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You'll find a lot of talk about Doctor Who, bisexuality and then a mix of general fandom stuff here. This may include some ranting. Spoiler warning: If you really like Moffat, you should probably avoid my blog.

I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful girlfriend/soulmate, Caitlin, who makes my life far richer. Once she described as "like a very sensual monkey." I'm strangely proud of this.

And Grace Holloway thinks I'm pretty.

It makes me so happy that these two had their themes arranged by the same man.

“They’re called Faction Paradox. They’re nechronomancers. They summon into our timestream things that never were, things that were never meant to be.
They revel in paradoxes, causal loops, anything that tangles the Web of Time more and more, until the order of the universe is lost in a mass of exceptions and impossibilities.
These are people to whom the whole reason for linear existence is to see that existence transcended.
Or, as we would see it, destroyed.”

Eighth Doctor  -  Unnatural History 

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Jenna Coleman filming Doctor Who in Fforest Fawr

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when non british people fangirl over the royal family


at every mention of their name my English-Dutch crosswired brain goes “you chicken? who chicken?” because kip = chicken

Haha, I’ll remember that one. They certainly act like headless chickens whenever they’re confronted about anything!

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UKIP would be hilarious if the prospect of them getting power wasn’t so bloody terrifying.


What happens when you try to dig holes in the Earth.

Also this:

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