The Final Zone

The ramblings of a nerdy bisexual twentysomething socialist wannabe-author.

You'll find a lot of talk about Doctor Who, bisexuality and then a mix of general fandom stuff here. (Warning: May contain some ranting.)

I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful girlfriend/soulmate, Caitlin, who makes my life far richer. Once she described as "like a very sensual monkey." I'm strangely proud of this.

And Grace Holloway thinks I'm pretty.

An attempt to make a post of all the Masters. I’m probably missing some, but still a little more complete than usual, as I’ve taken care to add a few of his book/comic incarnations that are usually missed out of multi-Master sets. Feel free to debate placement of these incarnations!

Notes: The Mr. Seta artwork is by Daryl Joyce, and was shown in Doctor Who Magazine issue 311.

I chose Terrence Hardiman to portray the “Man With The Rosette” from the 8th Doctor books simply because I think he’d make an excellent Master. The First Frontier Master is portrayed as Basil Rathbone, as was intended by David A. McIntee. I haven’t done a proper costume edit, as I’m yet to actually read the book so wasn’t sure quite how to portray it (sorry, David!)

EDIT: Slightly updated it with the Unbound Master as played by Mark Gatiss in Sympathy For The Devil (thanks to tuppence-beresford for the fantastic graphic), and threw in the original Beevers for completion’s sake, even if I do count Pratt and Traken!Beevers to be the same incarnation, by and large!

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