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I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful girlfriend/soulmate, Caitlin, who makes my life far richer. Once she described as "like a very sensual monkey." I'm strangely proud of this.

And Grace Holloway thinks I'm pretty.

I’ve seen a few posts bemoaning Moffat’s “When was it said that the Doctor wasn’t human” stuff in DWM, but honestly, I really enjoy that he said it, primarily because of years of asking people why exactly ‘half human’ seems so damaging to their precious non-existent canon. :P

I’ve never been able to find anything saying “Oh yes, I’m 100% Gallifreyan, no human blood in me whatsoever.”, even though that’s what 99% of the fandom seem sure that he’s categorically stated. It’s one of those things that people just accept. So as far as I’m concerned, it’s a great thing to actually ask people “Well, how do we know this?” and get people to think about it. 

Right, right, I really need a big cliffhanger here. Ooh, this would make an amazing cliffhanger! But is it too obvious? No, no, this one would be so much better. More emotional. Yeah, that’s it. But hey, what if I showed them sitting down after the cliffhanger? Wait, no, that’s not how drama works. I’ll think of another cliffhanger! Yeah, this one works great! The impossible situation! I love it! Totally not going to do it, though. It’s sorta maybe kinda not really more dramatic if I continue it after that. Oh sod it, I’ll just bring back Moriarty and call it a day.

So many motorcycles in Moffat’s work recently. Is this him having a midlife crisis through his characters?

Just a note, I will find it very hard to take the opinion of anyone seriously if they try to defend Moffat by saying that the quote about women being needy is actually about the mindset of Patrick from Coupling. Patrick is a figure so self-absorbed that he’d never be able to make such a generalisation about other people, so I find it nearly impossible to believe that Moffat was talking about him. Now, it would sound right coming out of the mouth of the main character Steve… Who is Moffat’s self-insert character.

One fun thing: Steven Moffat was trying to look clever and smug when they just had Stephen Hawking saying a female Doctor would be a good idea. I can’t think of any better way to make Moffat look like a smeghead.

I’ve been asked to make this rebloggable, so here we are. :P

Hurt playing a regeneration between 8 and 9 is just the weirdest thing to be upset about, lol.

There are quite a few reasons why the Hurt Doctor’s placement is something that irritates me. I’m not really upset by it, there are bigger things to be actually upset about, even when talking about someone like Moffat, but I’ll get to that.

First off, understand the context of the Eighth Doctor fandom. Our Doctor’s era mostly takes place in what’s called the “wilderness era”. Less people were aware of what’s gone on with him. Just a few days ago, someone said that Eight wasn’t a particularly good Doctor when they weren’t aware of 99% of his stories. Not their fault, just how things are. Then there are those who know of his Doctor, and actively deny it. People were swearing blind that McGann’s Doctor wasn’t ‘canon’ to the new series for a long time on the forums until proven otherwise by pictures/clips in the show itself. Most of them still say that the books/audios don’t count.

But there was a bright side for us! Eccleston’s Doctor was a fresh regeneration according to “Rose” (“Look at the ears!”) which meant… Our Doctor got the Time War! And most of the media of the last 5 years with the Eighth Doctor have moved him towards that point, from the IDW comic which showed him in the thick of the war, to the audios which give him the reason to become a warrior, particularly with the heartbreaking conclusion of “To The Death”.

And then Moffat comes along, and says “Nope, John Hurt did that!”, and honestly? It is annoying. Let’s say that Tennant really did regenerate at the end of “The Stolen Earth”, and it continued with Matt Smith. Imagine Bad Wolf Bay without Ten. It wouldn’t be the same story with “Rose Tyler… Bow ties are cool.”. It wouldn’t have the same resonance for the viewer. If you’re more of a classic fan, it wouldn’t be the same having Pertwee bidding Jamie and Zoe farewell at the end of “The War Games”. And it’s not the same having Hurt end the Time War.

Ok, that’s gone on a bit, second main point. The Hurt Doctor is an answer to a question nobody asked. Approximately 0 people cared about the story of an incarnation between 8 and 9. If he wanted to tell the story of a Doctor who fought in the Time War and had to renounce his title… Paul McGann is willing and able to return to the role at any time, and frankly, in the 50th Anniversary year, it’d be a far better thing to celebrate one of the Doctors who has supported the franchise for near-on 20 years rather than inserting a new one that’s completely superfluous.

Point three – Moffat is the least qualified person to write a conclusion/regeneration for the Eighth Doctor’s story. His only interaction with Eight is rifling through his novels/audios to find plot points to nick for his next finale. If they had to do a regeneration story, then please, PLEASE can we give it to a writer like Lawrence Miles, Alan Barnes, Gary Russell, Scott Gray, Kate Orman, Nick Briggs, or a raft of other amazing writers who actually know the character beyond crib notes from Miles’ books?

And finally, I’d like to ask you a question, Anon. Please do tell me, why the hell should I be happy about someone as obnoxious as Moffat getting to write what ultimately happened to my favourite Doctor?  

Here you go, Eight fandom. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of use out of it. (Original gif by Harbek!)

Here you go, Eight fandom. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of use out of it. (Original gif by Harbek!)